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New build

Use case 01

New build

Shapemaker supports new telecommunication infrastructure roll-outs by optimizing civil engineering design and facilitating design standardization.

With our solution, it is possible to find an optimal bracing system and create modular telecommunication structures.

We enhance radio plans for antenna supporting structures with real-time civil engineering analysis results.

This makes the decision making process of where and what to build easy.


Use case 02


Shapemaker provides assessment of telecommunication infrastructure with multiple tenants by identifying structure utilization per tenant and providing detailed antenna inventory.

When a new telecommunication tenant is planned, our solution can instantly identify the rest capacity of the telecommunication structure to accommodate additional antenna loads.

We empower tower companies to better utilize their telecommunication structures.

Upgrades (5G)

Use case 03

Upgrades (5G)

Shapemaker simplifies 5G antenna technology upgrades on telecommunication infrastructure by accommodating any type of antenna loading specification.

With our solution it is possible to model specific antenna loads, access antenna specifications and instantly check the structural capacity of telecommunication structures.

We embrace 5G upgrades based on a variety of types of antenna information.


Use case 04


Shapemaker removes complexity associated with mergers and acquisitions for large telecommunication portfolios by providing instant due-diligence assessment.

With your telecommunication portfolio in our system, there is no need to pay any additional cost or wait for third-party assessment.

We provide a full engineering overview and control of your telecommunication portfolio.

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