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Hello, we are Shapemaker

...and we are on a mission to reinvent civil engineering for a sustainable future, starting off with telecommunication infrastructure. Improving telecommunication infrastructure and coverage will be crucial to accomplish the UN sustainable development goals and we have identified two main challenges:

Challenge 1Telecom engineering is very complex, but still depends too much on personal experience and judgement. As a result, telecommunication structures are often over-constructed. Unnecessary raw material is consumed more often than not. 
Challenge 2
Complex telecom engineering is also very time consuming. As there is an extensive global shortage of expertise, this is leading to slower upgrades (to 5G etc.) and deployment of telecom towers. 

Shapemaker is a deep-tech B2B SaaS company empowering the engineer to take the engineering process from weeks to minutes. We will therefore be key in assuring better coverage around the world. As part of our solution we also optimize the tower structure to reduce carbon footprint.



We are doing something that has never been done before, and we push the industry, ourselves, and each other to always reinvent.



Surrounded by never-ending technological growth, clever clients, and skilled colleagues we strive to stay open-minded and listen to constantly learn and adapt. 



We are reliable experts knowing the industry - its needs and pains. We are going to make every detail count and let no challenge be unmet.

Our management

Chief Product Officer

Evan Ramenskiy

Chief Commercial Officer

Ingrid Sofie Øvrum Sem

Chief Executive Officer

Balázs Kisfali

Chief Technology Officer

Jonas Modling

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