TowerUp is now Shapemaker

We have been working hard in the last year to launch an amazing solution to MNOs and tower cos. While TowerUp solved several problems of engineers when designing telecom towers, it was just a part of a bigger problem.

Balazs Kisfali
Balazs Kisfali
Feb 15, 2022
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TowerUp is now Shapemaker

We have started our development journey with automating site-specific assessment. This development allowed us to think bigger and solve a more complex problem. Engineers with experiences in tower designs are rare, and at most of the time they are super busy. This phenomena combined with high demands of telcos resulted in a burning issues when rolling our 5G networks.

Shapemaker was born for the very reason to solve this issue, and fundamentally change how telecom towers are designed today. On top of our site-specific assessment capabilities we have developed our very own FEA (finite element solver) and academic level reporting system. By utilising AI/ML in several of our processes we have achieved a groundbreaking solution. We have reduced the designing process time from days/weeks to minutes and lowered skill barriers significantly. At the same time we have improved error rates in reports and set a brand new benchmark how a civil engineering report should look like.

We have proven that our solution is a game changer in several use cases in the telecom industry.

Use cases:

  • New built
  • 5G upgrades
  • Co-locations
  • M&A (mergers and acquisitions)

Thanks to our cloud technologies our software is available cross-platforms and highly scalable. Our computing power enables to kick-off analysis for thousands of towers and masts.

Now we are gradually merging our services and blogs to a new architecture at Shapemaker. While you will see new creatives with Shapemaker, we will still have TowerUp design elements for a short period of time.

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