Telia Towers is now automating structural calculations with Shapemaker!

Ingrid Sofie Øvrum Sem
Ingrid Sofie Øvrum Sem
Jun 26, 2023
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Telia Towers is now automating structural calculations with Shapemaker!

After having completed a successful pilot and thorough testing of the software, Telia Towers Norway has just signed an agreement with Shapemaker. 

Shapemaker is a SaaS platform that automates structural calculations and speeds up roll-out, co-location and upgrades of telecom towers and takes the processes from weeks to minutes.

“Structural calculations are key in all our core elements of  business processes, and we have therefore been looking for a supplier that can automate and speed up these. Luckily we found Shapemaker. The pilot project has been very fruitful, and we are eager to start using the tool to improve the customer experience. This is a large step towards becoming the preferred co-location partner in the Nordics” says Siri Sjaastad, CEO of Telia Towers Norway.

Shapemaker is a startup founded in Oslo in 2021 by Balazs Kisfali, who has been traveling all around the world doing structural calculations manually. He saw what a bottleneck these calculations were for modern towercos, and decided to solve the issue with software. 

“This is a completely new and innovative way of doing structural calculations based on site specific assessments and compliance with EURO code and our local annexes. The software also fits perfectly with our existing workflows through API-integration with our new asset management platform, Sitetracker.” says Siri Sjaastad.
Screenshot from Shapemaker software

The pilot has not only resulted in a commercial agreement, but the cooperation has also revealed further potential of innovation in related workflows. Both parties are excited about the common product roadmap and collaboration. 

“We are now a proud supplier, ready to innovate and automate together with Telia Towers” says an excited Evan Ramenskiy, CPO at Shapemaker.

Read more about Shapemaker at and Telia Towers at

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