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AR with digital twin for small cellular towers

We are launching soon our AR enabled 3D viewer in Shapemaker. With an AR enabled device (i.e iPhone, iPad or similar) you will be able to visualise a small cell or monopole in real environment.

Balázs Kisfali
Balázs Kisfali
Apr 25, 2022
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AR with digital twin for small cellular towers

We are enabling AR (augmented reality) functionality on our platform to visualise telecom structure models within real environment. There can be many use cases where this technology can support network operators or tower companies. Some examples for use cases as follows:

  • New roll-outs
  • Site survey on existing sites
  • Upgrades
  • Maintenance activities

Shapemaker users may create new tower models and visualise them already on the user interface (UI). Now, we are taking this into the next level and users will be able to bring their tower models into a real environment by using an AR enabled device, such as an iPad.

By generating tower models on sites brings a lot of advantages to the users. They may "place" their models into an augmented reality, where the real environment is rendered together with our 3D cad models. This allows the users to visually inspect their towers in the environment it will be deployed to. In case existing towers need to be upgraded it will be easy to see the existing sites and compare it with the computer models. This, for instance, enables quick checks about antenna inventories. Is there an "uninvited" ancillary? Or the antenna position is not according to the structural model? The user will be able to drag&drop antennas into correct positions and a new structural analysis might be run right away on the site!

These phenomena are fairly common and potentially bring structural analysis reports into a higher quality level.

Please see our small demo below to get a hint about our next new features :)

How would you use AR in your field? Please drop us a message at

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