Your new software for civil engineering design and analysis, starting off with telecommunication infrastructure.

From weeks to minutes

From weeks to minutes

Shapemaker lets you run civil engineering analysis in minutes, and tower capacities are available instantly. From reviewing specs to sign-off you save weeks of work.

Self-served solution

Self-served solution

We have turned complex civil engineering analysis into an easy to use software. We enable our customers to take charge and become independent in controlling their portfolio.

Next level optimization

Next level optimization

Shapemaker reduces carbon footprint and raw material consumption. The solution enables the flexibility for last minute changes and standardization of tower families. That means better results, lower costs and scalability.

“Shapemaker represents a totally new way of doing civil engineering analysis. For the customers, it means standardization, faster 5G roll-out and lower carbon footprint.”

Luis del Valle Alemán
— Luis del Valle Alemán, Chief Revenue Officer, Atrebo

“We are now saving time, effort and money. We are significantly speeding up our build process and deploying new towers faster.”

Zoltan Pasztor
- Zoltan Pasztor, Chief Technical Officer, Vantage Towers Hungary

“Shapemaker reduces complexity and speeds up structural analysis of our tower portfolio. The software provides verifiable calculations and standardised reporting. Now we are finally breaking away from calculation methods dependent on the designer.”

Laszlo Kovacs
— Laszlo Kovacs, Structural Engineer, Vantage Towers

Designing towers is no small feat. But it can be!

Designing telecom towers without Shapemaker


Review spec

Go through spec/order including tower types, antennas etc.


Site-specific assessment

Assess wind speed, topography, exposure, seismic etc.


Tower geometry

Optimise the geometry of the tower (incl. bracing pattern, member types, etc.)


Wind loading

Asses tower specific wind pressure (drag factor, solidity etc.)


FEA Analysis

Check how the tower react to real life forces.


Design code

Check if the tower geometry and FEA modeling is according to governing standards.



Compile information into a report.



Sign off by country specific certified structural engineer (incl. checklist, control, calculation etc.)

Designing telecom towers with Shapemaker


Insert inputs

Insert geometry, loading and location.

Shapemaker takes care of step 2-7 automagically.


Easy sign-off

Reports are already made at an academic level

From weeks to minutes, without any compromises

Shapemaker is automated and cloud-based

We assure engineering compliance and optimize telecommunication structures to enable our customers’ long term strategy.

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